Repeat Pattern, Recycling art and so many other things!
I was always involved in artistic surroundings since I was very young, drawing, sculpting, performing on stage, designing soaps and then... 
sewing, transforming pieces of furniture, 

recycling clothes and lately creating Seamless Pattern Design.
Creativity has always taken the most place in my life. Like everyone else I have to express myself, this is my way. 
I can’t help myself, I have to create or transform something every day. 
Being an artist is not so much about the product, as a state of mind. 
You don’t choose it, it chooses you…
Here is my first project with my Design on some beautiful fabric from Spoonflower 

Yay! Got the babric from Spoonflower
Already made my pattern!
All the pieces are ready
Now... Cutting
Made some bias from scratch
Add a little sticky tape to it wanna to try something.
Here is my bias, now I can start.

Here is my process for this first dress project with my Design, 
fabric printed at, So...

Front of dress on the mannequin
Here is the back
Now on me
And the back
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